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Plant Based Eating

Considering Going Plant-Based and in Need of a Nutrition Coach?

A 6-month health coaching program might just be the best gift you could give yourself.

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Did you know 85 cents of every dollar spent on healthcare in the US pays for the treatment of conditions originating from a poor lifestyle and that OVER 90% of disease is PREVENTABLE?!

What is Health Coaching and why Would I need it?

It’s rare for anyone to get an hour to explore their wellness goals with a health or nutrition coach. If you have never heard of a health coach, we are trained professionals who coach you to your health goals. Unlike doctors, who treat patients with medication and surgery, a health coach focuses on preventative actions to keep you healthy and out of the emergency room.

Throughout my education, I focused on a whole food plant-based dietary theory which is evidence based, not a fad. As an integrative plant-based nutrition coach, I create a supportive environment that allows you to articulate, plan and achieve your goals. I studied highly effective coaching techniques to help you find the lifestyle that works best for you and our planet, allowing your body to heal naturally.

Most approaches to healthy eating dwell on calories, carbs, fats and proteins. Instead of creating lists of restrictions based on the latest fad, I show my clients the power of plant-based eating based on proven science. How consuming real, unprocessed food can dramatically improve overall health and give you the energy to power through your day and sleep better through the night.

A nutrition coach teaches you how to shop for your health, food preferences and budget. To properly read nutrition labels (did you know there over 50 words manufactures use for the word sugar?) and cook delicious plant based meals that your whole family will love. I also guide my clients to explore and create basic improvements in all aspects of their lives and implement gradual changes during our work together. As these practices accumulate, my clients find these changes collectively creating a much larger impact than they originally anticipated. We will work on what you want to improve upon within the circumstances of your unique situation. These are among the many ways a nutrition coach can  be a vital part of your self care.

Noelle Kostraba Plant-Based Nutrition Coach Cover Health Cells Magazine
Meet your plant-based nutriton coach Noelle Kostraba INHC

So I was asked to write an article for Healthy Cells Magazine and this happened! Read the article here.

Do you suffer from any of these?

Improvements you can expect eating a whole food plant-based diet.

*Because of bio-individuality,

not everyone will experience the exact same results.*


Joint Pain




Blood Pressure

Weight Loss


Acid Reflux

Digestive Issues


Sugar Addiction

Caffeine Addiction

Bad Breath

Body Odor


Unbalanced Hormones

Poor Sexual Function


Brain Fog


Sinus Infections

Poor Sleep

Low Energy


My health story in a nutshell. Is it similar to yours?

As a small child I suffered lactose intolerance. No one understood why I was having severe stomach cramping every day after lunch. Allergies, bronchitis, exercise and cold induced asthma, ear infections and strep throat were a part of my daily living. In my teen years my monthly cycles were extremely painful and the migraines that came with them sent me to the ER twice. My first of 3 stomach ulcers appeared at 18 and I have fought acid reflux for almost 3 decades thereafter. My doctor was treating it with way above the recommended amounts of Zantac (which has now been found to cause cancer) and a proton pump inhibitor called Omeprazole, which inhibits vitamin/nutrient absorption and has horrendous side affects on your kidneys as well. At 26, the first of many panic attacks came out of nowhere and I suffered with anxiety through my 40’s.

Then things started to get serious. Pre-diabetes showed up in my 30’s but my doctors told me that;

“We don’t treat it until it actually becomes diabetes.” 

“It’s in your family so it’s just going to happen to you.”

“We don’t know of any preventative measures, maybe you should exercise more.” Crazy right?

Hormone imbalance was an issue for me too. Menopause and hot flashes at 38 was a weird issue at that age and fibroid tumors were really fun too. At 42, I finally graduated to a “real” type-2 diabetic and to top it all off, my cholesterol and liver enzymes were high. The side effects to the 7 different types of diabetic medication I tried were intolerable for me and actually causing some of the negative changes in my blood work. A full body allergic reaction of hives from head to toe from the last injection-type medication, made me decide no more drugs.

I developed carpal and cubital tunnel together with a sudden onset of all over joint/bone pain. This pain liked to move around but mainly stayed in my hips and hands. The peripheral nerve damage from 20 something years of untreated high blood sugar as “only a pre-diabetic” is something that I still feel every day but is slowly healing itself.

One year I had 6 sinus infections and my doctor wanted to scope for polyps. Ummm… No thank-you. The last straw was at 48, a calcium deposit had formed in my rotator cuff tendon. The pain was so debilitating I had to quit my 30 year career as a salon owner/nail tech.

I had studied nutrition for years on my own and decided to go back to school and got my certifications. My body was telling me the answers to all my questions. Actually, screaming them. I just wasn’t listening and kept eating pizza. My biggest question was “What do all these random symptoms have in common?”  The answer? MY DIET! (Dairy specifically) And guess what? I fixed ALL of it by adopting a whole food plant-based diet. The best part? My diabetes reversed! I am no longer a diabetic.

Think you can't grow food in a desert? You are going to LOVE this!

Put sustainability into practice. Grow your own  “better than organic” vertical garden without soil and 95% less water. Grow inside or out, you have never had food this nutritious.

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