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Making plants a priority on your plate
and for our planet

The Plant Priority Facebook Group Chandler, Arizona

Do you find it hard to meet people that are really committed to healthy lifestyle? Most social gatherings revolve around food and for those of us who have made changes, it can feel a little lonely. Would you like to make some new friends that are on the same page?

The Plant Priority Facebook Group is a group in Chandler, Arizona for people transitioning into a Whole Food Plant Based eating lifestyle. It is ran by Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition Coach Noelle Kostraba. It is a group creating “in person” friendships, not just online. Join us here!

Healthy cooking tips, kitchen hacks and ways to live a more sustainable life for our planet will be shared among us. Restaurant recommendations, the best yoga classes, plant based functional medicine doctors and all things healthy will be discussed here. We will also schedule a monthly lunch or dinner and an exercise event so we can all meet in person and create an awesome community!